Tuesday, September 24, 2019

How to prepare for final exams Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

How to prepare for final exams - Essay Example The schedule should allocate sufficient time to study for each of his or her exam subjects. The candidate should keep up with the course work and ensure that he or she attends the classes regularly in order to track all the readings and study notes consistently. One must be sure to allow enough time for quality sleep and strenuous physical exercises. The exam preparation stage is achievable by purchasing a calendar and outlining a daily schedule of the study topics. A self-mini review is essential after completing a topic. It helps in self-evaluation and assessment. The stage is fully dependent on self-discipline and demands a maximum discipline towards observing and following a schedule to the latter. The second step in the final exam preparation is to identify difficulty areas per subject. The step enables the student to understand extensively and take notes summary on the particular areas of technicality (Smiderle and Green 2011). At this step, the student should make portable flashcards that enable him, or her review the area of technicality on a regular basis. The candidate should consult the professors on areas that he or she does not comprehend in order to receive guidance and teaching adequately. The third step in final exam preparation is to revise the previous tests done by the candidate and other final exam past papers completed in the previous years. The papers are good resources and give the candidate confidence of facing a final exam having mastered the trend and nature of the exams. The candidate should not cram the questions, instead should synthesize and understand the contents of the study areas completely. The candidate should skim and scan over all the notes in order to remind him, or her about contents previously taught. That gives the candidate an idea of the contents of the subjects under study. Choosing a serene and convenient venue for study is a fundamental consideration that a candidate should

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