Monday, September 9, 2019

Developing Self Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Developing Self - Essay Example Upon graduation, my first job was that of presenter of Oriental Princess, a prominent cosmetics company in Thailand, during which time I gained the exposure I needed in public relations. Thereafter, I transferred to Boonrod Company where I worked as marketing officer, and it was here that I realized my calling was in the field of marketing. I felt that I liked the challenges of being confronted with problems and finding creative solutions for them. I enjoyed meeting new people and gaining new experiences. There is much about myself that I feel I am still not aware of. According to the Milesians, first school of Greek philosophy before even Plato and Socrates, the most difficult of undertakings is to seek self-knowledge (Burnet, 1920). Easily also, it can be the most painful. This is because first step to self-knowledge is always to confront the reality of oneself, not only the virtuous and laudable, but also the mediocre and humiliating. When one is blind to her shortcomings, she is normally unable to address them and, therefore, unable to improve herself. Being manager is assuming a position of great responsibility. A manager is both agent to the organization and leader to the workers, thus she is committed to both. In order to successfully perform these roles, one must be aware of strengths, that he may use them, and weaknesses, that he may compensate for or eliminate them. Plan. To plan is to think through the programs and processes that must be undertaken to achieve the organizational goals. The plan is a blueprint of the organisation’s activities, and will be the basis for exerting control over the various activities. Aside from determining what to do, planning entails the forecasting of the four M’s - materials, manpower, machinery, and money – required to operationalise the plans. As early as this step, the manager must be aware of

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