Monday, September 23, 2019

Chemical Engineering at the University of Wyoming Essay

Chemical Engineering at the University of Wyoming - Essay Example Other key requirements for licensure are: (2) Pass the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam (which you will take your senior year at UW); (3) Practice engineering after graduation for four years under the supervision of a licensed professional engineer; and (4) Pass the Principles and Practice exam. To maintain ABET accreditation of our B.S. in chemical engineering, we must assess how students perform against 11 outcomes (called the Criterion 3 (a)-(k) outcomes). The outcomes can be found in the General Catalog and also at Bart, a registered professional engineer (PE), works for the oil and gas exploration division of a major oil and gas producer (Company A). Bart’s sister, Lisa, also a registered PE, works for an oil and gas research and development (R&D) company called Well-Aware, LLC whose major client is a company (Company B) that competes directly with Company A. During a family get-together, Lisa excitedly tells her brother Bart all about the new design for a deepwater well sealing system she has been working on with her research group at Well-Aware, LLC. The design could save a lot of money in construction without sacrificing safety. Having studied well design for many years Lisa is exceptional in her ability to understand the intricacies of each design component of a well and how they are interrelated. However, since she is not as familiar with problems that can occur in the field, she asks Bart a few questions relating to the feasibility of the new system. The two saw no harm in this si nce Company A and Company B were in talks to potentially share each other's new well design technologies. Bart, having had extensive field experience, mentioned a few instances where field implementing the design could be improved. According to the scenario, there are a number of unethical and illegal actions that may occur. These actions may occur because Bart and Lisa shared confidential information regarding their respective companies. The following illegal and unethical actions may occur.

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