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SWOT Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

SWOT Analysis - Essay Example Further, the same industry generated actual revenues during the 2009 and 2010 gambling periods. The 2009 gambling revenue reached $ 10,393 million. Favorably, the 2010 gambling period produced favorably higher actual revenues, $10,405 (Statistica, 2014). Client-centered innovative strategies boost gaming industry revenues. The company, Nevada Gold and Casinos Company, is engaged in casino gambling activities. The company is located within Nevada gambling area. The company caters to the resorts and casino needs of current and future customers. The gambling rooms include the popular slot machines (Nevada Gold Casino, 2014). The company offers several gambling game options. The options cater to the slot machine gamblers’ needs. The other gamblers will patronize the card games. The company delivers the bingo games to selected patrons. Other visitors will troop to the roulette gambling table (, 2006). The company offers high quality hospitality service to its gambling patrons. The customers can easily buy beverage from the friendly and accommodating casino staff. The dedicated and sincere hotel room employees enthusiastically deliver quality hospitality services. As proof, Nevada Gold Casino generated $62,807,000 the year ended April 30, 2014. The company generated the same year’s $ 448,000 net profit (Nevada Gold Casino, 2014). The company is small in size. The company needs additional top quality line and staff employees to increase the company’s current revenue generating activities. With more line and staff employees, more customers will feel a reduction in the casino cashiers’ queue lines. The employees deliver quality casino restaurant services to the gambling customers. As a new company, the company lacks the actual experiences needed to ensure a synergistic coordination of all the casino’s activities (, 2006). The Casino can open up more spaces to cater to other visitors. The

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