Thursday, August 8, 2019

Leadership, Power and Corporate Strategy Research Paper

Leadership, Power and Corporate Strategy - Research Paper Example In other words, organizational culture refers to the basic beliefs and aims of any organization, and how all the work and purposes of that organization will revolve around those beliefs and aims. The key to a strong organization lies in developing their organizational culture, such that it is unique to each organization, yet commonly understood by all members within the organization (Parker, 200). This basically means that every person in the organization should have a clear idea of what they are working for, what their core beliefs as a member of the organization are and what is the main purpose of the firm. It is clear however that these beliefs and strategies are not developed on their own. Any successful organization will find itself headed by a leader who has a clear vision of the purpose and future of their organization, and who does their best to instill this vision in the members of their organization (Kotter and Heskett, 192). Strong organizational culture is developed by organizational members in leadership positions, whether or not they are the founding members of that organization. The success of any organization lies in the hands of their leaders and in how successful those leaders are in developing this organizational strategy and culture. Consider for example the organizational culture and strategy of Apple Inc. Founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, the company initially started out as a computer technology organization, but over time developed into an organization focused more on consumer retail goods. Apple is both famous and infamous for its highly publicized organization culture, accredited highly to Steve Jobs, both in its success and its infamy. Apple Inc. enjoys a highly unique organizational culture, varied in its style from almost any of its time. The aims of the company are straightforward and simple: the company

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