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How do organiations deal with the complex issues affecting their Essay

How do organiations deal with the complex issues affecting their smooth running Discuss gendered organisations - Essay Example This discussion implies to understand impact of sociological constructs from a gender perspective in organizational contexts based on various researches and studies. It also explores methods adopted by organizations to deal with sociological implications of gender inequalities. Further, recommendations have been proposed with regards to promoting or enhancing women’s position in attaining professional status in the present and future contexts. Dawe’s (1970; p.214) explanation of sociology draws two distinct aspects, sociology of social systems and sociology of social actions both of which are of opposing nature but concerned with order and control of situations. These two sociological aspects contradict each other in terms of humanity, society and the interrelationships between human beings and society. Dawe (1970, p.214) stated, â€Å"the first asserts the paramount necessity, for societal and individual well-being, of external constraint; hence the notion of a social system ontologically and methodologically prior to its participants; on the other hand the second one reinforces the concept of autonomous man, able to realize his full potential and to create a truly human social order only when freed from external constraint.† Considering organisations as social systems, individual needs were integrated with organisational needs through various approaches that reinforced human relations (Morgan, 1998). Barna rd (1938) defined organisation as a system of consciously coordinated activities of two or more persons (Rainey, 2009; p.35). applying Dawe’s (1970) postulation on sociology of systems and sociology of actions to organisations, as defined by Barnard (1938), a clear link can be established on the influence that organisational actions can create on systems and vice versa. Organisations play a significant role in shaping the society in terms of gender, race, class, political power, economic status, sociocultural influence etc (Handel, 2003;

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