Saturday, August 10, 2019

Globelaztion context Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Globelaztion context - Essay Example hat people have slept on the geo-economics lies, and then everyone must be ready to find out if the world is flat as the lies state without wasting time. The author also states how if found out by accident how the earth if flat. He found out the truth according to lies late February last year. Friedman (2005) has used the interview while creating a discovery channel program to justify what Indians believe about the earth being round or flat. The video is for a lecturer who is talking about the global health of two hundred countries two hundred years ago and beyond. He states that having data is not enough but it very critical to make them presentable enough that people can understand. To do so, he talks about the animation of data in real space. Using the real space animation uses different color in presenting countries. The size of the color also shows the size of the population. The speaker also talks about the life expectancy of persons in different countries. The speaker also talks about the factors that have led to the development of some countries. Again, the speaker identifies the impact of the world war to the development of many nations. The speaker has categorized the global competition of the nations in years from 1810 up to the now identifying the development strategies and the factors that affected the countries. The author also defines the closing of the economic gaps between countries and identifying factors that have contributed to the closing of the

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