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Extra credit history 198 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Extra credit history 198 - Essay Example The documentary initiates with genocide definition provided by the United Nations and against the definition the tales of the individuals are told. In 1915, the Turkish government dictated the eradication of all Armenians. Since the bloodshed was ordered by the government, it didn’t forbid the children and women of the Armenian community. The women were slaughtered and the children were forced to march towards Euphrates River so that they can be drowned. During this massacre, the river of Euphrates turned red with the Armenians’ blood and so the documentary had been named. Those who survived they narrate that Armenian in thousands of numbers were forced to move into the desert named Deir Zer, undressed and left there to perish in the blazing sun. Few of the Armenian Christians were provided the opportunity to convert from Christianity to Islam or they will be forced to death within the desert. And by availing this opportunity around 200,000 people converted to run away from death. 2. Paradise Now The documentary â€Å"Paradise Now† pursues two Palestinian friends Khaled and Said who had been associates since childhood. They reside in Nablus and they have been enrolled for suicide attacks in the capital city of Israel, â€Å"Tel Aviv†. ... In order to appear like Israelis, they shave off their beards and heads the day they were asked to do the attack. The documentary entails their story as they assume this attack as their visit to a wedding ceremony. They plan to attack a military checkpoint first and then as the police rushes to the point of attack the next blast was to be made. As they proceed towards Israel, they are checked by guards where Khaled belt is detected and therefore, he abandons his plan and provides his services to search Said. Said on the other hand, wandering in desperation attempts to explode him in a bus but then cancels his plan and then moves on where he finds a woman who reinforces his idea of suicide attack. Meanwhile Khaled succeeds in finding Said and tries to persuade him to shun his thought of attack but Said continues to pursue his target and at the end of the documentary he is shown in an Israeli military bus where he is looking here and there. The documentary has actually tried to picture the way a suicide bomber considers him to be on the right track (Abu-Assad and Beyer). 3. The Dreams of Sparrows The documentary, â€Å"The Dreams of Sparrows† pictures the post-war Iraq and has been prepared by a filmmaking group of Iraq. It was shot during the years 2003 and 2004 using a hand-held camera, comprising of various interviews of several Iraqi citizens on the streets and seeks their thoughts regarding the changes taking place around them. The documentary was initially posted on the internet while in 2005 it was made available on a DVD. It provides several distinct point of views of Iraqi citizens provided in interviews as some regarded American attack as a way of relief from the regime of Saddam Hussein and therefore give high regards to former United States President George

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