Friday, August 23, 2019

Exercise metabolism Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Exercise metabolism - Research Paper Example These studies give an insight on how nutrition affects exercise performance and metabolism. They have different results and findings. However, all of them are geared towards understanding the connection between nutrition and exercise. Nutrients included in these studies include both artificial and natural nutrients. The paper also ensures gender balance because exercise metabolism and performance is different between men and women. Hence, it looks at findings of research done on women. Human beings have different capabilities to exercise. The capability of a human being to exercise is dependent on the biological ability of his or her body to change chemical energy in the skeletal muscle to mechanical energy. Adenosine triphosphate is the chief chemical energy source in skeletal muscles. During exercise, it is characteristic of ATP storage to be depleted fast if it is not quickly replenished. This is mainly caused by the increased demand for ATP resulting from exercise. In many scenarios, when exercising, ATP need and availability are exactly balanced. AT storage is also upheld. Hence, ATP providers in contracting skeletal muscles which are known as metabolic pathways quickly react to the high demand for ATP. What determines ATP demand? ATP demand is determined by the contraction rate of skeletal muscles and the power yield during exercise. Metabolic pathways are described by the enzymes that digest ATP in an exercise session. These enzymes include ATPase, potassiu m transport, and calcium transport ATPase, and actomyosin ATPase. These enzymes are related to the contraction – relaxation cycle (Hargreaves & Lawarence, 1). Homeostasis is key for the proper functioning of the human body, be it during exercise or at rest. Thus, ATP consumption must equal ATP use for homeostasis to be maintained. Diet is a paramount manipulator of the skeletal muscle utilization of ATP when exercising and recovering

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