Sunday, August 4, 2019

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Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States was born on February 12th, 1809. Lincoln is one of the most famous presidents because of his leadership during a dire time in American history, the civil war. His presidency was served from March 1861 until the day he was assassinated in April 1865. Lincolns most prestige’s accomplishments include abolishing slavery, preserving the union and modernizing the economy. Abraham was the second child of Thomas and Nancy; he was born in a small log cabin on a farm in Kentucky. During his early life his family moved from Kentucky to Indiana in order to get out of slave territory. When Lincoln was nine his mother Nancy died of milk sickness, his father Thomas later remarried a widow named Sarah. Lincoln became very close to his new stepmother. He did not have much formal education but was a motivated self-educator. At age 22 Lincoln decided to leave home, he found a job taking goods by flatboat from New Salem to New Orleans. Once Lincoln arrived in New Orleans he witnessed a slave trade, this left a lasting impression on him. Abraham was brought up with the values of honesty and fairness; he carried these virtues throughout his life. Politics became part of Lincoln’s life in 1832 when he campaigned to be on the Illinois General Assembly. He was a member of the Whig Party. Lincoln was a captain of the Illinois Militia during the Black Hawk War, he never did see combat though. Later in his life Lincoln failed at some small business ventures. In 1837 he taught himself law and was accepted to the Illinois Bar, later that year Lincoln moved to Springfield became one of the most respected lawyers. In 1837 Lincoln made his first protest against slavery. On November 4, 1842, at the a... ... musical comedy in Lincolns state box on the balcony when Booth crept up behind Lincoln and shot Lincoln in the head at point blank range. Lincoln was mortally wounded and pronounced dead the next morning at 7:22 a.m. Lincolns attacker Booth jumped from the theater balcony breaking his leg, but was able to reach his horse and escape. Booth was on the run for 12 days before he was captured and shot. Lincolns legacy and accomplishments still live on today. Lincoln is remembered by most as a self-made man with good character. Lincoln guided are nation through one its craziest times and preserved the union. Lincoln is honored in many ways today from statues to his name being used in a wide variety of things. Lincoln’s remains were then transported to Springfield, Illinois by train. Many funerals were held as the train stopped at many cities in the North.

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