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Criminology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Criminology - Essay Example The thing is that the majority of crimes can be referred to the minor ones and that is why they simply may not be reported to the police. It is unreasonable to think that crimes occur extraordinary seldom, they happen all the time because it is a mundane thing. It is well-known that crime rate increases when under the following social disasters as: war, crisis, unemployment, famine etc. Despite this, the Routine activity theory proves that it is not always the case. For example, when the World War II was finished, the western states were flourishing, the standard of living was raising and the economy stabilized and showed good results. At the same time the crime rate increased drastically. Felson and Cohen explained this in the following way â€Å"the prosperity of contemporary society offers so much opportunities of crime: there is much more to steal† (Cohen and Felson, 1979 ). This theory has become the issue of disputes among criminalists and sociologists, the later believing that only social changes can bring about the increase or decrease of the crime rate. There are some types of crimes that can be perfectly explained with the help of Routine Theory. The first is the copyright infringement. It is understandable that such factors as the rate of unemployment and the society prosperity do not influence this type of crime. People usually commit it when they have an opportunity or sometimes because of unawareness. For, example, a person gets the handwriting of some scientific invention. He\she may take some ideas from it without signifying the original author. It happens because the opportunity arose or juncture happened. To such kinds of thefts can be referred the following ones: peer-to-peer file sharing, corporate crime and employee theft. There is a definite approach on crime prevention that originates from the Routine activity theory. Crime prevention Theory â€Å"focuses on reducing crime opportunities rather than on the

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