Saturday, August 17, 2019

Creative Story Essay

Later at the picnic, Sharon was seen with a debonair and handsome man. The man had puffed muscles, straight long hair and a surfing board in his arm. Although Sharon had this habit of mingling too much with adult men but we sensed some danger with this man. Maryann and I talked to Gray about this but he was too busy with his drinks and his girlfriends. Gray was an old and mutual friend of ours but asking for his help was futile at this moment. Maryann and I returned to the backyard of the hut, where Sharon was spotted with the man. To our surprise, she was not there and the man had also disappeared from there. Maryann and I looked at each other’s faces and then ran towards the garage to check Sharon’s car. No sign of Rolls Royce Phantom that was owned by the wealthy Sharon. Her inherited wealth had attracted a lot of young and charming men towards her and many tried to marry her to have a share in her wealth, but Sharon did not understand most of the men’s intention. She was fooled easily by the warmth and honey filled conversations of such men. However, Maryann and I were living with Sharon and we had every right to protect Sharon from these dangers. When we could not find the car, we panicked. We tried calling Sharon but her cell phone was turned off. I was facing a dilemma of whether to make a phone call to our uncle, Fargo, who was in FBI or make a phone call to 911. It was hard to decide because the Fargo uncle has had some sexual encounters with Sharon in the past and we did not want that to happen again. So I took out my cell phone and started dialing 911. The phone was on my ear as I was making the phone call and there was a strong beam of car light upon us in the garage. A car came slowly accelerating towards us and the number plate said AA-42321-V. This made us happy; I dropped the phone and leaped towards the Phantom, just to see the corpse of Sharon lying in the car and the driver bleeding to death.

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