Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Class Room Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Class Room Management - Essay Example The teacher further explains various rules when it comes to leaving the classroom for bathroom and distribution of material so that every child can share and utilize the items fully. They are further told about the attendance chart and the schedule; as the same schedule is to be followed throughout the academic year hence it is require for all students to refer to it every now and then as it is important to smoothly transition between activities. They are also told how to get water from the water fountain and use the sharpener and how to wait for their turn, if another student is using those items and how to sign on to the list every time they have to take a bathroom breaks or step out of the classroom. Being the first day, the children are given the latitude to look around the classroom, guided by their teacher, who explains them various procedures that can be adopted for all the possible situations. For recess, all children are lined up in two file; one for boys and one for girls. All students return to the classroom in the same fashion and the students are given the promise of being assigned to various duties to help them engage in the implementation of this routine. For effective implementation, the teacher explains exactly when, where and how to perform various classroom routines. The teacher further explains the sequence of the activity in a concise, clear and precise manner; in this regard the tone of teacher is essential that further help the students to understand the importance or gravity of a particular situation. The teacher further tells all students what to do, rather than what not to do so that further motivates the behavior in the children. In order to make sure that every student understands the routine the teacher prompts them to repeat after her and for the routine to become automatic it is rehearsed over and over again. Especially when the teacher adds this to their knowledge that the routine is to be followed every day therefore, the child knows exactly what to do and when to do it. It can be further observed that the teacher rewards the students and acknowledges their good behavior to enhance motivation of the skill. For instance, the teacher distributed â€Å"super first days† certificates at the end of the day for the good behavior of children and the rewards for perfect attendance. She further enhances the children’s motivation to actively partake in activities by telling them about cursive handwriting and various other future classroom plans. The aforementioned techniques were employed by the teacher for implementing classroom routine and effective management of the students. 2. Analysis, Exploration & Reasoning (a) The routine is primarily designed by the teacher to help the students feel more comfortable however, their participation and engagement is of equal importance to help gain the prior benefits of the routine in their lives. In order to postulate the children’s level of engagement is done largely through the number of responsibilities that are assigned to them. As the teacher states in the video, each child would be given a ‘job’ in the class to maintain order and acquire a sense of responsibility, which will enable him or her to have greater participation in the implementation of the routine. Furthermore, the children will be given ample freedom of movement and dialogue with other

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