Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Appearance May Not Be Reality Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Appearance May Not Be Reality - Research Paper Example It is illegal to report data falsely. General hospital would be liable if patients such as, the Jones family, sustained infection after seeking treatment from the hospital (Pozgar, 2013). Several elements of the ACHE code of ethics would help an administrator of General hospital in determining the right course of action to take. One of those elements is the one that encourages healthcare management to disclose conflicts of interest. Another element appropriate to this case is one that admonishes healthcare executives to desist from taking part in activities that are demeaning to the credibility and dignity of the profession of the management of healthcare. The administrator can invoke the element of the ACHE code of ethics that calls for them to ensure patients are informed about opportunities, responsibilities and risks involved in certain healthcare services. A General hospital administrator should also implore the guidance of the ACHE code of ethics that would help resolve any conflict that would emerge between patients and the organization’s personnel. Additionally, it would be appropriate to refer to the ACHE code of ethics that promotes the need to have evidence-based clinical practices in a healthcare organization. The administrator’s course of action should be guided by the element that promotes the use of sound business practices. It is advisable for the administrator to follow the element on truthful dissemination of information (ACHE, 2014). Members of General Hospital’s ethics committee should push an assessment of hospital staff awareness and attitudes towards bioethics. These members should convene departmental meetings to discuss the issue of faulty reporting. Ethics committee members should liaise with nursing managers in working a way out of the problem created by the issue. They need to reach out to ethics committees of other healthcare organizations and learn

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