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America: Freedom And Violence Essay -- essays research papers

America: Freedom and Violence   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Imagine the emotionless testimony of a violent youngster, who may not realize he is fingering an accomplice as he quickly excuses his violent act,  ¡Ã‚ §Oh I don ¡Ã‚ ¦t know. I just saw it on TV. ¡Ã‚ ¨ Countless acts of senseless violence in the past few decades have led our society to believe that although freedom of speech is a trait that separates America from many other countries, it has also made us more brutal. Media outlets such as television, movies, and music have had a major impact on our nation. The outlets can allow us to be creative, make money, and have fun. The downside is when it leads to homicide, suicide, and other serious crimes. The best example of seeing the influence of violence is the exact copy cat crimes that are played out day after day. Media also tends to guide children that may seem insecure, confounded, or simply daunted by what they see on the television. This cause creates a variety of effects, mostly leading to violence or de sensitization to the events that occur around them. To understand how violence can be seen through media look to a common feeling when people listen to a new song that they start liking. It   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   can be described as an almost euphoric high. People that share this common feeling go to concerts where it seems like anything is fun and exciting. Often with so much intense hysteria people can feel pushy and violent as they try to get into the music. As a result concerts such as the 1999 Woodstock can end in violence. Events like this and other media extensions are uncontrollable because people have the right to be able to say what they want to say and express what they feel with little to no intervention. It is the first amendment that allows us to have the rights of freedom in our country. Freedom of speech has allowed media to be one link to the chain of violence in our nation.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The United States was founded on the principle that the people and the government had the right to freedom of speech. The words  ¡Ã‚ §It ¡Ã‚ ¦s a free country! ¡Ã‚ ¨ are four of the most important words to America. The term is used generally because we can not get away with everything in the United States. The rights we do have are our most cherished personal freedoms. The formation of our country began with the idea that freedom above all was ... ...crease in violence correlates with the increase of television in our country. Violence can haunt the minds of many children and adolescents while they are still growing and learning to function. A time like this can make all outside events become more sensitive to a child ¡Ã‚ ¦s mind. Media can help give ideas or promote certain acts, especially if it seems like the viewer is making a connection with the role model that makes these actions. For children that live in abusive homes or have lived a psychologically damaging life, media is something they may try to connect with when things in the viewer ¡Ã‚ ¦s life do not seem to be going well. Not only can it create more violence but also it makes people who live here become more fearful of the world around them. Media has learned to focus on the exaggerations and extremities in our country so that one who views this could see his environment as a fearful enigma. The identity of America can be unclear. The founding of the first a mendment has made our country full of violence. What use to be a strengthening trait that made America attractive, has now turned into violent turmoil that makes many more people filled with fear instead of freedom.

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