Monday, July 29, 2019

Zaras E-Tailing Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Zaras E-Tailing Plan - Essay Example The evidence is that the five initial target markets are a good choice for Zara, except for Poland, which is a newly opened economy where market barriers and regulations are still perceived to be high and Internet usage still in its infancy stage. In the other four target markets, Internet use is matured and well developed, but another problem may present itself in the form of stiffer competition. As a result, web development, operation and maintenance costs are expected to be costly. There is also the possible risk that the online operation would not yield the desired results. For these reasons, the report provides a road map for Zara in overcoming the challenges to its successful entry into e-tailing. This market is the logical site of the first Zara e-tailing site because it is the company's home base where its facilities and resources are concentrated. For this reason, no problem is expected in so far as supply chain management, speedy communication and transport of products are concerned. Spain has over 52 million people, its per capita income is high by EU standards, and the Internet is increasingly used for acquiring goods and services. The Basque rebellion seems to be under control.2. France Paris is the world's fashion capital, which makes France an even better site for Zara's initial online stores. Internet usage is highly advanced among France's over 70 million people. However, the world's most renowned fashion companies

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