Thursday, July 25, 2019

Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 190

Summary - Essay Example Moreover, another problem is that women often can’t find financially reliable men, as the majority of available men are lack of jobs. One more reason for one-parent families is that women are capable of managing themselves along with their children without men because of getting a great support from government. However, this pattern indeed works for Sweden but is less applicable to Iceland. There are certain programs of financial support that help single mothers in raising their children. Furthermore, the main argument why women have become more capable of living without men is the raise of women’s employment that has developed so far. Women can afford raise their expenses and omit financial support from men because more and more women are getting high-paid positions. Even though marriage has multiple advantages, including financial factors, still many people (especially it concerns women) worldwide keep choosing raising their children all by themselves, because it may be easier for them and they don’t want to get involved into relationships or marriage bond. As far as the structure of family has changed a lot so far, the problem of elderly people and the generation they form has risen rapidly and became an issue for many countries. The point is that generations have stopped living together and the elderly people often can’t take care of themselves; moreover, they can’t move in their children’s places and stay with them in order to get care from their relatives. The article â€Å"The Changing Family and â€Å"Social Security†: A Look at Japan† describes how Japan deals with this problem nowadays. The way that Japanese typical family used to be constructed was that young people lived together with their parents and it was a kind of moral debt to take care of their parents when they become old. However, the tradition has been changed so far and now only 9 percent of families live according to this filial piety model of family. Hence,

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