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Knowledge Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words - 1

Knowledge Management - Essay Example ess the issues, questionnaire survey was conducted by integrating 30 fulltime employees from both municipal and water level functions of the Ministry. According to the analysis of the data obtained from questionnaire survey, majority of the respondents expressed their concerns towards the failure of training department to link its training programs with the functional path of the Ministry. Moreover, a lower amount of investment portfolio was observed to radically minimize the efficiency of the training programs and hinder the productivity skills of the employees. In order to deal with the issues, the study provided an effective set of recommendations that can enable the training centers of the Ministry to define appropriate training path facilitating the employees to meet the functional objective of the organization. Ministry of Regional Municipalities & Water Resources (MRMWR) is responsible for controlling and managing water resources across the different areas of Oman. The Ministry has been involved in wide range of functional activities in terms of emphasizing effective use of water resources and improving the quality of life for the citizens of Oman. The department has long been witnessed to effectively deal with wide range of issues associated with managing water resources and provide adequate support to each community across the nation (Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, 2011). However, the MRMWR has also been facing a significant issue associated with its knowledge management initiatives in its training centers that further resulted MRMWR to face major obstacles in terms of aligning its operational goals with the primary objectives of the organization. Moreover, the organization is often identified to face problems relating to financing the training centers in terms of hiring training experts and enabling employees to efficiently meet the organizational goals and objectives (Pinto-Coelho, 2010). The concept of knowledge management

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