Monday, June 10, 2019

Team Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Team Project - Essay ExamplePopular culture comes into being as a result of the interplay of a manakin of factors and sources. The primary source of birth and spread of popular culture is mass media in general and popular music, television shows, movies, video games, books, and radio in particular. zip has been as big a contributor toward the spread of popular culture as the Internet. Cell phones, online chatting, videoconferencing, and video calling using Skype and such other bundle have helped the popular culture spread with the word of mouth.Popular culture has influenced arts in a number of ways. Ever since the 20th century, artists started to use and conflate the elements of pop culture, its items and images in their art. The word used to refer to this practice is appropriation which is defined as the process of taking symbols or systems out of their original place setting and putting them in new ones (Contemporary Art Start, n.d.). The influence of popular culture on arts reached its peak as the pop art movement during the sixties and a number of postmodern artists have continued to have this influence to date. Pop artists have challenged the separation traditionally placed between popular and superior culture, suggesting that images from comic books, billboards, and grocery store shelves are capable of providing wonderful subjects for sculpture and painting. Pop artists increasingly replaced traditional raw materials used in art including stone, paint, and cadaver with mass-produced objects.The influence of arts on the popular culture is overarching. Popular culture has fundamentally come into being as a result of the chaste inspirations and desires of people. Performing arts impact on the popular culture is just as evident, if not more, as the traditional arts impact on it. For example, programs exchangeable the Last Comic Standing and American Idol broadcast over a majority of channels encourage the audience to participate in the shows and f eed

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