Saturday, June 15, 2019

Sierra LeoneWrite about literacy rates, primary school completion rate Essay

Sierra LeoneWrite about literacy rates, primary give lessons completion rate among females, second-string school attendance, and how girls are interested in attending school further - Essay ExampleFrom 2008 to 2012, the literacy level for female aged between 15 -24 historic period stood at 52% piece that of the male stood at 70.5% (UNICEF, 2014). In the period between 2008 and 2012, primary education gross enrollment ratio for male was 129% while that of the females stood at 120%. In the secondary education, gender disparity was still evident. During the period, the net attendance ratio for the boys student was 39.9% while that of the girls stood at 33%. The statistics from the primary school indicates that there is a notable disparity in terms of girls and boys education in Sierra Leone. Key challenges facing school going girls during their adolescent stage in Sierra Leone includeAnother notable aspect that makes the rate of school absenteeism to be high among the 9-14 years ag ed(prenominal) is lack of latrines that are separated based on the gender. According to UNICEF, Majority of schools also lack latrines as well as private areas where girls can tone down themselves (Marni et al, 2012). Additionally, due to lack of sanitary cloths available for use by the girls during emergencies, girls do not feel motivated to attend the schools. UNICEF has embarked on addressing problems faced by girls in ways such

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