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Learning Theories and Role of Memory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Learning Theories and Role of Memory - Essay ExampleThe six principal types of erudition theories include sortism, cognitive hypothesis, social learning possibleness, social constructivism, multiple intelligence surmisal and brain based learning. In the paper, the main focus has been on explaining the cognitive and behavioural theories. Along with this, there is comparison and contrast made between the two selected theories. Memory plays a pivotal role in making decisions since an single(a) is required to make a choice from the available alternatives. Marketers have to understand that memory has a significant role in the decision making parade of the consumers. Marketing ploys are the skilled tactics which are used by marketers to raise awareness among the customers and also drive in more purchases of products and services for the company. It is chiefly a marketing trick which is used for attracting customers. The customers make use of memory to get information and clearly u nderstand the marketing ploys and respond in an bright manner by opting for the best products. For explaining the concepts in an effective manner, examples have been used in the paper. Cognitive Learning Theory The basic focus underlying theory of cognitive learning explains the importance of brain as an incredible network for processing of information and interpretation of what people learn. It is the theory of learning that helps in explaining the behavior of people by understanding their thought processes (Leonard, 2002). The underlying assumptions provide that humans are logical and rational beings that make such decisions and choices that are rational harmonize to them. The cognitive theory is categorized as social cognitive theory and cognitive behavioural theory. Cognitive behavioural theory is focused on the nix thoughts and behavior that is connected to a specific object, and these negative thoughts are replaced by rational and positive thoughts. On the other hand, social cognitive theory relates to the ways and methods through which individuals can learn to model the behavior of other people. This theory can be applied in an advertising campaign and peer pressure. The articulate cognitivism implies an unobservable and unnoticeable change in the mental knowledge of the people. This theory relies on the assumption that individuals are actively involved in the process of learning. The theorys followers also believe that learning involves the development of mental associations which are not shown in the observable changes in the behavior of the people. Another general assumption of the theory states that knowledge is an organized form which is gained through the process of learning. This process involves relation and connection of new information with the previously accumulated information. Thus, this theory emphasizes how people think, how people understand and how people know. This perspective focuses on the fact that learning is undertaken by the process of transformation of information into knowledge which is already stored in the mind. Learning is said to take place when new knowledge is gained, and there occurs a modification in the existing knowledge that is already present in the human mind. This theory portrays a positive perspective of development and focuses on conscious thinking of individuals. It emphasizes the active construction of an individual that leads to the acquisition of knowledge and learning. Hence, this theory implies that different processes that lead to learning can be explained through the analysis of mental processes. With the help of effective process of the cognitive approach, learning can be easier that leading to the acquisition

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