Tuesday, June 11, 2019

GoodWill Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

GoodWill - Essay ExampleLife skills training and counseling, elements of GoodWills core services, servicing to prepare individuals for the demands of the workplace. Many GoodWill agencies also provide assistive technology devices and training to eliminate barriers for people with disabilities such as vision or tryout impairment and paralysis. (Lysecki 2005) The organization serves individuals with physical, mental and emotional disabilities, as well as those with disadvantages such as welfare dependency, illiteracy, homelessness or lack of work experience.In 2000, the theatrical performance began implementing a $20 (m) million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor to provide training and support to place welfare-to-work recipients in temporary Census and permanent federation jobs. So far, GoodWill has exceeded the goals of the project, serving 15,175 participants and placing 5,180 of these in competitive employment. GoodWill also established national partnerships with Bank of t he States and CVS/pharmacy to recruit and train individuals for a variety of jobs at these companies. GoodWill placed 77,895 individuals with disabilities and other disadvantages in competitive jobs they earned $973.4 (m) million in salaries and wages.We want to make sure that we are destiny people develop a lifelong career plan through education and career development opportunities, says Samuel W. Cox, Interim President and CEO of GoodWill Industries International. We soak up the flexibility to meet the needs of the individuals while meeting the needs of employers. Our efforts boil down to building lives, families and communities one person and one job at a time.Over 42 (m) million people donated clothing, household goods, computers, cars, and other items to GoodWill, generating $941.1 (m) million in revenues for GoodWill programs. GoodWill sells its donations in 1,869 retail stores across North America and on its Internet auction site, shopGoodWill.com. GoodWills retail stores e arn more than 50 percent of

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