Friday, June 7, 2019

Family and friends Essay Example for Free

Family and friends EssayKatherine had done exercise which was to a greater extent than than necessary. She went to the gym ab stunned 5 times a week, which had re aloney been a waste of time, as she was underweight and there was no need for her to exercise. This is because she did not have many calories which needed to be burnt absent by exercising. Her diet was mainly made up of unnourished foods and she did not eat as much as she did not either have the time, or did not enjoy eating at all. She was anorexic and also had the eating disorder of being bulimic. Although, my client is a rattling clean and hygienic somebody she likes going in areas which are clean, and thought this was very important. However, my client was a very heavy smoker and alcoholic.IntellectuallyMy client worked 6 daytimes a week and only gets Sundays off to spend with her family and friends. Although, the Sunday Katherine sort off she did not make any use of it as she slept most of the day as she was very tired. My client was a very independent person, and did not at all try to be dependents he did not think she was self-worth and she had a small(a) self esteem. Katherine was often stressing about either work or her family this made her become a very paranoid and anxious person. However she was a very hard working person.EmotionallyKatherine was always depressed because, she is always being caught up in her work. My client does have the ability to go out and interact but feels that she does not have the confidence to go out and make new friends. By doing this she thinks bad of herself, which makes her feel disappointed about herself. Katherine was always no-good and unhappy, most of the day which did not improve her motherly skills with her children.SociallyMy client had some friends but didnt have a close nor good relationship with both her family and friends. And had a problem against talking to other sight and making new friends, as she did not feel self-worth and didnt h ave the self-esteem to boost her confidence. She wouldnt organize day trips to enjoy her holidays, and whenever she tried something would go wrong.AFTERMy client- Katherine LewisBut outright my client is doing more of this.PhysicallyKatherine now does a regular amount of exercise. My client takes leave-taking in more exercise activities she has also widened her variety in activities, which has been really good for her physical status. She takes part in things like swimming, aerobics, dance- for about an hour from each one session, and jogging, walking for about- 30 minutes each day. Katherine has improved her diet dramatically as, she now eats more than usual and has a very spread out and balanced diet plan. Her diet is mainly made up of now, more nutritious and healthy foods she also replaced her diet of made up of mostly liquids, to fruits and nuts. On the whole Katherine has a stable weight which is really good for her body, and is slowing becoming a much healthier person from before.IntellectuallyMy client now gets up earlier and goes to bed quicker, as this refreshes her for the morning activities which lay onward of her. This also gives her the opportunity to think straight, and get ready for the challenges which may come ahead of her. She has begun thinking more about the positive things in life, rather than always thinking about the negative sides of things. She has stopped stressing so much about her work and home life, so this gives her a better view upon things, such as how to go solve a problem, or how to spend more time with the family. Her capable thinking skills, has improved massively, as she feels more confident about herself.EmotionallyKatherine goes out more, and opens up her feelings much more than she used to. She feels that she has become a more self-assured person, so this encourages her more to go out and spend some time with her family and friends. My client, who used to feel that she had no one to discuss problems with, has now take in that her family and friends are always there to talk to and to confide with. She used to always be depressed, but now has found resolutions to that, and is happier than before.She emotionally is aware that she has many people around her, who will support and provide her with company if she ever needs it. Overall, my client is a supplementary joyful person, than before.SociallyKatherine has now started socializing more than she used to. She invites family and friends over to her house, to get to know them better. This has assisted her a lot, in her socializing skills she goes out more and has meet many new friends which are all from different backgrounds. She has the confidence, and the assurance to create a relationship with new people.

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