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Endangered languages Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Endangered languages - Essay ExampleThere are numerous factors that researchers believe to playing a leading role towards the extinction of nearly languages. One of such factors is the aspect of parents pushing their children to learn languages that they believe are prestigious and superior to others, thus completely ignoring their local languages. It is a common arc especially in the developing countries whereby many people consider their local languages as inferior, thus get assimilated by hegemonies languages such as English. A solid number of people in the third world countries like Africa, particularly Kenya and Nigeria are straying away from their original traditions and native languages.In such countries, a large number of the young generation has shifted to different languages especially English. Some parents have decided not to teach their mother-tongue languages and instead teach them a hour language because of many reasons related to social class and economic factors. The most unfortunate thing is that majority of them think that children can only learn to pronounce one language well, hence decide to dump their native languages (Dugan 10). They also go ahead and take their children to international schools that use the most dominant hostile languages.Natural and man-made disasters are also key factors that are leading to the extinction of some languages. Such disasters include war, famine, diseases, earthquakes, acts of genocide, and tsunami just to mention a few. For instance, the Rwandan racial extermination almost wiped out the Tutsi community while Adolf Hitlers regime almost eradicated the Jewish community. During the genocide, more than 6 million Jews were killed, which is a very big per centum considering the fact that this is not a large community.Migration outside the original territory is also a major attribute of extinction of languages. Sociolinguists argue that some languages

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