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Defining Marketing Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Defining Marketing - Research Paper ExampleMarketing is established on wrinkle design in terms of the needs of the customer and how to satisfy them (McQuarrie, 2005). In addition, merchandising is concerned with the values associated with the exchange of goods and services. This paper will look at marketing and its importance to the success of an organization. The term marketing has many definitions. My definition will be based on activities carried out backing to blood line and clientele to consumer. From the business to business perspective, marketing entails creating associations, value, and solutions either long term or short term with a company or product. From business to consumer, marketing refers to the process in which business organizations create solid relationships with customers and initiate value for clients, so as to attract customer value in return. Marketing engenders the approach that causes business developments, methods of sales, and business communication (B lankenship, Breen & Dutka, 1998). In addition, marketing involves different activities that make sure a business organization continues to meet the clients requirements and gets adequate value in benefit. Apart from my definition, in that respect are others from various sources they include marketing is a social process where great deal and corporations acquire what they require and need by initiating and trading with other people (Christ, 2008). Marketing is the process of management that involves spotting, looking forward to, and fulfilling the needs of the customer while accruing profits (McQuarrie, 2005). On the other hand, marketing apprehension presumes that for a business organization to achieve its goals, the business organization should recognize the wants and desires of the people they target and deliver whatever will help to satisfy the needs of the client. Moreover, the marketing concept suggests that a business organization should predict the customers requirements a nd needs and meet them more efficiently than their opponents. Marketing is a substantial component of any business attempt in the current, competitive environment. This is because those organizations and people who only depend on enhancing their commodities and services lag behind in the curve of power. The main focus of any business organization should be the client or customer. Each and every organization whether small or large, profit or non-profit, should set up an objective to admit goods and services that are of quality to clients. The organizations main goal is achieve customer satisfaction. The success of an organization depends on the willingness of clients or customers to buy or use the products offered by the company. Marketing encourages organizations to design techniques of competing with rival companies that offer similar or cheaper products (McQuarrie, 2005). Marketing is a vital component in business as it contributes to the success of a business. If properly done, marketing makes customers aware of the products on offer. The main objective of marketing is making the service or product accepted. An organization should non relax and expect people to know about what they are offering. This means that if a company has accomplished high quality goods or services on offer but no person is aware of its existence then

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