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Construction Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Construction Project - Essay ExampleThe sector of construction has been playing some significance fictitious character in actual as well as undeveloped countries. The workforce in the developing countries such as Jordan is not grokd as a significant stimulant to the industry condescension the fact that prod from the construction project contribute the most significant and biggest percentage of the entire costs of project. Thus control of labour costs becomes very crucial for the sake of profitability in this industry. Due to this the managers and contractors considers this labour as high-risk thus any wastage reduction indicates big potency for increase in production efficiency.The Jordanian construction labour force has features of manual, traditional and hard labour. The workers, who have wide range of abilities and social-cultural backgrounds productivity, have their productivity modify by several factors. Research by Kazaz (2008) indicates that there is generally poor pro ductivity of the construction craftsmen which becomes one of the most daunting problems of human resource. There is to a fault poor efficiency of the construction labour. The major reasons for this include the fact that the sector has hardly been employing normal relations and policies related to labour. There has also been ignorance by the managers to perceive the various factors which have impact man power productivity. Productivity risk factor has also been found to create very strong effect on the duration of the construction projects. The poor labour Productivity has led to time overruns in these projects (Kazaz, 2008).Innovative development or improvement of existing practiceThe workers argon the key in every project especially in a construction project. Even amidst the technological advances and innovations happened in the construction sector, the role of the workers cannot be underestimated. They argon instrumental in determining the success or the failure of a project defin ing the project goal, organization of the project, directing, coordinating and monitoring project activities. They chance upon these goals using their interpersonal and organizational skills such as communication, delegation, decision-making and negotiation (Thwala &Monese, n. d, p. 5). Motivation of the workforce is an essential requirement for the growth of an organization irrespective of in which body politic or region it operates. The needs of the people are changing day by day and traditional motivational techniques may not work in todays work environment. Man, Material, Machine and Money are the four essential resource requirements for an organization. Among these 4Ms manpower seems to be the most important one since the manpower controls all the opposite resources. Man cannot function like a machine since man has physical and mental requirements like food, shelter, happiness etc. In fact man is on the job(p) only for catering these requirements. Whenever the organization fails to meet the physical and mental requirements of its workforce, the result would be less productivity. The sector of construction has been playing some significance role in undeveloped countries. The workforce in the developing countries such as Jordan is not perceived as a significant input to the industry despite the fact that labour from the construction

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