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Applied research methods Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Applied methods - Research Proposal ExamplePerhaps most importantly in this era of transition, leaders themselves must go through that their real legacy will not be the past performance of their pecuniary services organisation, but its sustainable winner. Helping leaders learn how to expire results by being boundary-less thinkers, ne dickensrk builders, diplomats, and interpreters is a first step in meeting this challenge. Holding them accountable for getting results today and developing next-generation leaders for tomorrow is the quantum leap.The intention of this research proposal is to analyse and evaluate the managerial effectiveness of the management, and the perception of leadership and culture within Pembroke Consulting (PC) and the impact on employees and the organisation. Furthermore, it will be argued that the human relations management concept that entails the participation and involvement of all hierarchical levels has not been operative within PC.By examining the Comp any Background, it will be seen that both management and rank-and-file staff have difficulty coping with and ad righteousing to the series of transitions that have taken place in their organisation that contributed to its stalemate status. It is also shown how financial growth does not correspondingly translate into real development for an organisation or for the growth of the most important resource of any business collection, - people. variant research methods will be used to determine perceptions, effectiveness and culture, and a way forward will be proposed in the subsequent dissertation. Since downsizing and restructuring are often just euphemisms for wholesale layoffs, this is a prospect that most Asian financial services organisations and workers have a culturally determined difficulty taking seriously. Sometimes it seems as if some Japanese and Korean financial services organisations would rather close their doors altogether than carry out significant personnel cuts. Thats how strong the sense of group identity is in the East. Company BackgroundPembroke Consulting is a financial services company providing access to financial markets, principally, futures and options, through electronic and other means. It is financial advisors, accountants and prevalent insurance specialists and based in Weybridge, Surrey, UK. Since its inception, the company has undergone tremendous growth both organically and through acquisition, however, it was not, until recently, that the company became an active market-player. Three major company mergers brought nearly this evolution over the last eight years. Because of which, various aspects of the company including its work volume, staffing and market position all increased exponentially. The mergers contributed predominantly to a great success in terms of the bottom-line but operationally speaking, the outcome has been a disappointing failure. The organisation failed initially to integrate the significant changes brought about by the first two mergers until the last tree years. This was the latest in a chain of events in the history of Pembroke Consulting

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