Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A policy review of affordable housing in London Essay

A policy review of affordable housing in capital of the United Kingdom - strain ExampleAffordable housing policy has over time been the dream for the Londoners to find a sustainable solution to the housing challenges affecting this great city. In 2014 for instance, London housing strategy recognized that there is need to bring together adequate resources to enable London the development of 42,000 houses per year. This aims at virtually two-baser the housing delivery for London. The strategy recognizes the need for collaboration between governments, private sector, mayor and boroughs. There is need for a policy framework that promotes support manner of speaking up of surplus public land, as well as in promoting institutional investment to see London deliver the necessary housing.a) Specific Policies for Boosting trapping SupplyThe London housing strategy under section 3.2 provides for policy reforms to create a flexible market and promote the growth of intermediate housing. The Lo ndon policies turn in tremendously changed over time and in 2014, a policy to see increased housing deliveries involved the following (GLA, 2014,) Policy 1 the mayor of London city is expected to work with other partners to deliver the planned target for London which is 42,000 houses per annum. The policy provides for 25,000 market homes 17,000 affordable homes that people can rent or buy and 5,000 of the market homes shall be for purpose-built. This will include the long term private rent especially on the schemes which have more than one physical body increasing the housing supply for the City.

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