Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Observation paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Observation piece of music - Essay ExampleThis paper discusses the basis of females making use of a gym setting and how they atomic number 18 able to reap success through the differing standards which are in common use in the clock like today.It has been observed that deep down a gym setting, not many women feel comfortable. This is because they believe that outcaste people are staring at them for peculiar reasons. Then again, there are women who generally undo with the world around them and concentrate on getting fit and healthy. Their gym exercises are such that they trust on them alone without thinking about anything else. Within a gym setting, females usually feel unstable because they are a victim of their own gender. They have no clue why men hear at them and would like to know what is so special about them that makes the women clan feel down. However, this does not show for all men being like that. There are some handful of men who wish the women to feel subjugated for ulterior motives that they have best knowledge about.I found out within a gym setting that a female was being constantly harassed by a group of men who were also training with her. I discerned that there was a mess which was integrally under the aegis of gender that needed to be taken care of. The woman under consideration was not wary of how shabbily the men were talking about her. All she felt was that the men did not facial gesture at her in a dignified manner. She knew something or the other was fishy that made her conspicuous of the entire scenario at the gym (Hurley, 1996). She tried changing her stance to let the men know that she was watching further the men were bent upon creating a scene for all the wrong reasons. Some thing or the other needed to be done about it and so did this woman go up to the gym coach-and-four and complained about the men present in the gym as they were creating a scene for reasons best cognise to them. When they were inquired about the g ender harassment that they were indulging into, they completely

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