Thursday, May 9, 2019

Nutrition and Global Health Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Nutrition and Global Health - Essay ExampleMore than 30% of children just about the globe are underweight or are not attaining their ideal growth rates (128). It is estimated that more or less 5.5 million children die every socio-economic class because of malnutrition (128). In addition, millions of women, who bear and take care of children, as well patronise from malnutrition and particularly, many poor women are underweight (135).At present, women and children are suffering from different illnesses, such as anemia and infections, with many withal dying from these diseases, because of lack of proper nutrition. Lack of access to the right food, vitamins, and minerals at the entire development stages of women and children is a main problem for poor countries.The main nutritional issues for women and children are malnutrition and spicy morbidity, due to poor nutrition. Women also suffer from maternal morbidity and mortality. For instance, there are 530,000 maternal deaths per y ear (152). These women often lack the proper nutrition needed for their bodies, as well as their fetuses. As also mentioned, millions of children are underweight and die from malnutrition, especially in Asia and Africa.Some of the nutrition challenges are proving to people that they fecal matter improve their nutrition by enhancing their knowledge about what they eat, how they cook their food, and how they should eat them (142). Vitamin and mineral supplementation should also be widely applied, because it can be a cost-efficient way of dealing with malnutrition (142). Food fortification, such as iodizing salt, will also be crucial. Supplementation and food fortification, however, are not always booming to compass. The governments should be dedicated to small and large measures that can enhance their nations nutritional status. They need help from non-profit organizations to achieve the necessary nutritional levels for their women and children. Without

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