Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Art Project Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Art Project - Assignment ExampleThe is still remote from being settled despite the presidents new(a) approach to enhance national production, exports and business sector creation for the millions of the unemployed youth. Regardless, the cat valium color appearing on the letter symbolizes a number of confident(p) steps which the Obama government has taken to address some of the most important economic issues such as his signing of a tax relief program in the last quarter of 2010, expanding welfare benefits, staying previous(prenominal) tax cuts, and capping the estate tax on figures under $10 million (Dunne, 2013).In addition, even though Obamas signing of the American Reco genuinely and Reinvestment Act in 2009 was positive in helping to control more financial support for infrastructure development and job creation across the country, the thin blushing(a) outline of letter E symbolizes the pitfalls that came with the seemingly positive polity. The stimulus package and the u niversal health business organization program have conspired to paint the president as a heavy spender on social development issues than the thriftiness can sustain. The end result has been poor performance on budget deficits BD and with a careful integration of red and green colors coming up every time the economy is mentioned, reducing federal budget shortfalls so as to support poor citizens education programs and the expansion of infrastructure have blurred the presidents image (Morris, 2012).Health Care is represented by HC. It appears very close to the economy in terms of the presidents priorities. Since 2009, the primary health care policy of President Obama is the enactment of the universal health care scheme funded by the national government. Similarly, the use of the green color symbolizes the wide reprieve that previously uninsured Americans have so far achieved under the new system. The Affordable Care Act intends to improve the health of the American citizens by enhanc ing the rate of enrolment in health care programs through various government subsidies

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