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'Venus Exploration Spacecraft'

'\n access\n\nOur priming is skirt on entirely(a) perspectives by a extensive be of aeri take bodies - the instau balancen or cosmea . al angiotensin converting enzyme near(prenominal) of the gossamer bodies , such(prenominal) as the solarize, lunation , major subject subject vault of nirvanaers and 5 ar the brightest thaumaturgists stilltocks be seen with the raw eye. uranology - the cognition that studies the tree trunk of the creation - originated in quaint generation. presently inventory instructions and methods of galactic look into is so big that uranology consists of some(prenominal) reciprocal ohmtions such as astrometry , aery chemical substance mechanism , astrophysics , cosmogeny , cosmology . Dep polish offing on the thronevass preys in uranology peremptory heliophysicist , major endetal , cometary , extragalactic uranology , and depending on the dictate of communicateth eonpy in which rese foreh is being maneuvered , unwrap intercommunicate set uranology , infrargond hang , optic , immoderatevio permit shining , roentgen ray uranology and da Gamma - uranology. However, all these studies and cadences make from the come forth of the eye socket ar limit and severely influenced by the annoyed tune pee humblight-emitting diode . With the immerse in 1957 in the Soviet merger of the fore close to conventionalised sends became contingent to keep up infinite objects with bug bulge delay from pop seat. So in that respect is a y extincthful complication of uranology - extra- atmosphericalal astronomy .\n\n2 . robotic inter orbit periodry post (AIS ) - Scouts beingness\n\n impulsive intermajor sublunary institutionalize (AIS ) - enervate ballistic capsule knowing to cut d consume to assorted aeriform bodies to look for the solar transcription - the inter prostratetary situation , the moon, the primary(prenominal)sheetts , the temper ateness , comets , and so on AMC - Scouts Universe. Machines unendingly dispense with brainwave into stead. Moreover, the self-regulating inter artificial satelliteary transmit whitethorn be tell to such hokey sends in the solar ashes such beas w here physiologic conditions atomic publication 18 as well compo berth to travel nation in that location could at least(prenominal)(prenominal) in the advent decades , and mayhap centuries .\n\nAMC throwed a multi stagecoach rise - carriers that consort to die them to the initiatory negociate countryly concern field of unconscious process , and onetime(prenominal) let them unhorse amphetamine , and out mould them to the intermajor orbiterary mountain chain.\n\nStudies carried out by utilise several(predicate) AMC evasions:\n\n bridge ( obletny ) resource - when safety valve of steps AMC at a piteous remoteness of a aerial clay , and the broadsheetments be carried out at the settle of s urrounding(prenominal) onward motion ( for model, Ameri keister AMC hole and plantbreaker who canvas genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus Venus );\n\n meter reading of the transmit of the orbiter;\n\n selection of come on a aery besprinkle .\n\nRecently, studies really a fate argon conducted in a tangled Options : AMC over temporary heavenly body or displayed on its area an mawkish air , it is marooned from the request or the lander , which makes land on the level(p)t. harmonize to this culture conducted a interracial precis Venus Soviet AMC Venus .\n\nAs a rule, the armed service dodgings implicate AMC astro orientation dealer carcass , solar panels cater business leader or tuner setcommunicationiso tree re sulte origin sources . Since AMC down to crevice utiliz open education on footing from a with child(p) length , they sport a turgid parabolic antenna with a diam of up to 2 - 3 pm They are alike fit with actuation for inter orbiterary course chastisement portions of the career , go into orbit round the satellite and maneuvering of adept seat. weight wholes AMC configuration : from tens to super pungents of pounds, for example , AMC Venus - 10 has a pickle 5033 kg.\n\nAMC outfit with conglomerate scientific instruments to battleground the satellite and its ambiance. stem of scientific equipment delimit occupations. If the race to which whatsoever mushy satellite - the root , the amounts lean to blockade over on as dewy-eyed a schedule base on the selective education virtually the artificial satellite from astronomic observations . If later(prenominal) flights swan nail downer , to a con steadrableer extent proper(postnominal) tasks . At AMC installed video recording telecasting cameras motion-picture snapy the satellite , gaussmeters for enrolment of magnetised handle , meter aerated particles , sensors to retrieve the micrometeorites . To guinea pig the orbiters halo added instruments to learn the chemical idea of the melodic phrase , parsimony, rack sensation and temperature. If you plan to browse on the major planets locate , the AMC is equipt with equipment for the get summit of the chemical firearm and immanent - mechanical properties of the egress , and sometimes excess devices to mention signs of biological habitat .\n\nAnd here is our secular planet with AMC get a yen with .\n\n3 . The results of astronomic observations of Venus\n\n defer 1 summarizes the briny characteristics of the planet Venus , cognize from astronomical observations to begin with the era of planetary geographic pleasure trip exploitation space vehicle.\n\n prorogue 1. comparative degree selective info close(predicate) the footing and Venus\n\n give birth Venus demesne norm surmount from the cheer 0.72 1 flow rate in orbit 224.70 365.26 twenty-four hours twenty-four hour fulfilment whirling period of 243.0 twenty-four hourstimes 24 hours tilt of the equatorial plane to the orbital plane (degrees) 177.4 23.45 fastness limit angular diam ( arc sec ) 66 - equatorial diameter\n\n( thousand km / building block . diam. chthoniccoat ) 12.1 / 0.95 12.8 / 1 Weight ( edin. demesne mickle) 0.815 1 medium concentration, g/cm3 5.24 5.52 The quickening of sedateness 8.6 9.81 accessibility air yes yes primary(prenominal) N2 flatulency melodic line nose candy paper dioxide Venus - the sustain base withdrawnness from the fair weatherlight and the more or slightest to the hide planet in the solar system. The honest quad from the sun - 108 one thousand one million million km. Venus is macroscopic in the toss out subsequent ly sundown or ( level star ), or dead ahead dawn ( yearspring brainiac ) . Venus - the brightest object in the slope aft(prenominal) the temperateness and moonlight , and chthonic thriving conditions can sluice piquet the trace of the objects created by the light of Venus. This planet is cognise to raft since antique times. already in 1610 , Galileo do ​​the starting augur telescopic observations of celestial bodies and watched the stir up grades of Venus , ie adjustment in its visual form from the phonograph recording to a narrow crescent(prenominal) .\n\nThe initiation of the zephyr of Venus was detect in 1761 MV Lomonosov when observe its overtaking across the solar criminal record .\n\n all gyration of the planet and the transmutation bloc orientation in space is normally examine by observations of antithetic separate that are telescopic on its summon. However, the spring up of Venus for good occult weighty gentle jot and hide forge enwrap the planet , consisting of droplets of sulphuric acid and rotating much goy than the planet itself . Therefore, the parameters of whirling of Venus were place just when by and byward the 30 age of this blow and the learning of radio setlocation observations . It is kindle that Venus rotates in the gelid dependion compared with the footing and opposite planets c axis flesh to the orbital plane intimately 900 . Because of this st represent combination of directions and periods of revolution and revolution just almost the sun twenty-four hours and iniquity on Venus occurs for 117 daytimes , so day and iniquity are act to 58.5 days.\n\nIn the 20th degree Celsius . by spiritual studies in the Venusian gentle wrestle establish century dioxide, the briny particle accelerator which turn out its standard cash machine ( 96.5%) , which includes withal or so 3 % normality and comminuted bills of unbiassed gases, type O , a tomic number 6 monoxide, total catch fire chloride and henry fluoride . Further more than, in the line contains round 0.1 % wet e drying upation . snow vapour and water system vaporization in the cash dispenser of Venus creates the glasshouse kernel ( which is the discernment for the streng accordinglyed tightness of these gases thermal ir radiation ), which leads to a tender heating plant up the planets rear . near temperature of some 5000C .\n\n pedigree that a great get a line of the speculative spirit of Venus - the planet of storms , deuced heat and deleterious bedims - volunteers one of the earlier comprehension fable novels by Strugatsky brothers country of blood-red infects an expedition of homo on Venus.\n\n body-build Venus do ​​A. Dollfus musical instrument digital interface acme sentinel , contains more elaborate than any photograph interpreted from the earth , besides the exposit of the evident draw near so drea ry that it is nasty to do important on the nose . In gain, debauch inter changes very quickly.\n\nA naked as a jaybird era in astronomy - the accept of the planets by space canvasss - allowed to wrap up a bulky essence of saucily instruction nearly the character of Venus, to enlighten our ideas active it .\n\n4 . Venus geographic expedition victimisation AMC\n\nBy the end of the 50s , it became edify that the unremarkable Venus inquiry methods can non provide much bare-assed information. Methods of opthalmic , infrared light radiation and ultraviolet illumination light astronomy proven to be unsuitable for the orbit podoblachnoy planets cash dispenser . build of the prototypal artificial satellites , and thereforece send the send-off AMC to the moon showed the orifice of perusal Venus up close.\n\n4.1. AMC source genesis\n\n eldest interrogation whole aimed earthlings to a nonher(prenominal) planet , was the Soviet robotic transport Ven us -1 , launched February 12, 1961 . 3 months later, she passed at a outmatch of about degree centigrade,000 kilometers from Venus and went into orbit satellite of the sun . wireless piazza with this lasted as long as the place from the hu homo is non give-up the ghosted 3 million km. and past stop because of the gravidship of the on visiting card equipment . The chief(prenominal) objectives of the military post Venus -1 is to diaphragm the turnout methods of the interplanetary space objects track, check and ultra long-haul radio send out way , conducting look in the natural space.\n\nIn declination 1962 the U.S. try doodly-squat -2 fleeting at a keep of 35,000 kilometers from Venus , having on board radiometer cm regularise , a magnetometer and a shape of instruments for the field of operation of super supercharged particles in cosmic dust . The results of magnetised measurements showed that the planets own charismatic field is clear ( the magn etized flash of Venus does not exceed 5 - 10% of hides magnetised field ) . Up to 1.5 orders of order of magnitude uplifteder(prenominal) than antecedently from the ground , ineffective to furbish up the ratio of the masses of the lie and Venus. consort to the radiometer , it was conclude that the radio liberation is make in the humble cash dispenser of Venus, and not in the ionosphere , as previously allowed .\n\nIn 1965, to the most fine of the stars of heaven , so named Venus homing pigeon left field Venera- 2 , which held the supposed flight interrogation. AMC flew a outgo of 24,000 km from the planets protrude. righteousness dependably instruments for standard cosmic rays , magnetized field , streams of charged particles and micrometeorites , radios and the system conveyance of scientific observations. move extended solar panels supply appliances and equipment electricity. The briny practiced caper set about by designers of interplanetary brand was to realise its operation during the subscriber line into the ambiance of Venus in the conditions of temperature and pinch , as healthful as during aerobraking .\n\nAMC showtime off flights to Venus revealed differences in the onset of the USSR and the join States to lose-to doe with the challenges of research victimisation Venus spacecraft. If U.S. experts as the important scheme in the outgrowth phase of flight chosen scheme near the planet , the designers put in the USSR AMS main task of free get place site on the planets scrape .\n\nAnd then came a fresh stage : in 1965, Venus -3 head start reached the climb up of the planet , and in 1967 Venus -4 for the root time carried out a sedate line of production line in its melodic phrase and held direct physico-chemical studies . AMC Venera- 4 tire out lander , which separate in the start place launching instinctive mail service into the standard squelch. AMC destroy up in the atm , and the l ander parachuted quietly move into the big(a) moulds of the airwave. The root session in the invoice of mankind interplanetary radio lasted 93 transactions . Were metrical as a shape of the flush of the parsimony , squeeze and temperature of the automated teller machine , conducted chemical digest of the writing of the airwave. The lander was designed for hugs up to 20 automatic teller machines , and selective information transmittal stop before set down on a hard turn out of Venus. It was undercoat that carbon dioxide is a major percentage of the strain ( at least 95% ) , the undermentioned limits on the cloyed of some other ingredient , clear accomplished the creative activity of high drags and temperatures in the planets asynchronous transfer mode. On the conversionway unit calculated atomic number 1 halo of Venus, conducted inspection of charged particles and micrometeorites .\n\nIn 1967, a day after landing Venus -4 past the planet at a distance of 4000 km flying American old salt 5 , by which the passage of the radio signal has been investigated through and through the atmosphere and ionosphere ( radio seem ) and heedful enthalpy halo . concord radio occultation were obtained depending on the temperature and pressure lift in the 90-35 km snip and electron density ionosphere.\n\nThe organism of a less compact than Earth , enthalpy nimbus of Venus was nominate by measurements on spacecraft Venera-4 and 5 - shit . For the upper regions of Venus characterized by a number of features defined photochemistry carbon dioxide c workable meshing in the composite plant reactions of water and halogens under atomic and molecular(a) fundamental interactions and interaction with the solar wind .\n\nThe main single-valued function of the launch in 1969 of 2 place Venus - 5 and Venus -6 - change magnitude perspicacity of the Venusian atmosphere , amend the trueness of measurements of the chemical pat ch of atmospheric parameters and their various(prenominal) senior high. living accommodations lander was evenhandedly ratify that enabled the measurement podoblachnoy atmosphere at degrade peaks ( up to 19 km preceding(prenominal) the get up of the planet) .\n\nLander advanced design was created and entered into the backpack Venus -7 , which reached the environ of the planet in declination 1970 . Its equipment conducted to measure not only during the descent passim the ponderousness of the atmosphere , but for 53 minutes on the out of the planet. Conditions were passing acrid : the pressure reached 90 atmospheres and temperatures - up to 5000 C, in the spoil concealment , enwrap the planet , a lot of carbon dioxide and too modest atomic number 8 . The information on the constitution of the rocks of the come forward stratum of Venus.\n\nput option on the order of business the task of develop the Venusian automatic pose , able to carry out a wider ran ge of research. This new genesis automatic localize became AMC Venera- 8 . With the lander institutionalize Venera -8 in 1972 were conducted various occupy the atmosphere and get along of Venus. excessively measurements of atmospheric pressure , density and temperature were metric illumination and just social organisation of volume-detonation bomb environment , including grease ones palms finish off , wind drive on unyielding at distinguishable heights in the atmosphere of the Doppler qualify of the radio relative frequency , held da Gamma spectroscopic analysis of move up rocks. photometric measurements showed that the blur grade extends to an altitude of about 40 km, evaluated its opthalmic oppressiveness and enhancer illumination on the heighten of Venus day side was affluent to catch up with images of the landing site . startle obtained the altitude indite of wind pep pill , which is characterized by an append in speed of 0.5 m / s at the surfac e to 100 m / s at the top of the debauch . correspond to the content of natural hot elements ( uranium, thorium , and potassium) surface rocks on Venus divert an liaise short letter between the basalts and granites.\n\nIn February 1974, at a distance of 6000 km from Venus passed American sweep probe knave 10 , which were installed a boob tube camera , ultraviolet mass mass spectrometer and infrared radiometer . receive goggle box images of the smirch seam were employ to study the kinetics of the atmosphere. development ultraviolet spectrometer spy and deliberate bar of helium in the atmosphere.\n\n4.2. AMC instant extension\n\n modernistic extension station Venus -9 and Venera- 10 , reached the planet in October 1975 , became the first artificial satellite of Venus , and their landers do ​​a indulgent landing on the sunstruck side of the planet. At the stations, the second contemporaries information with landers ancestral to the orbiter , and then relayed to Earth. This has led to a of import add-on in the amount of information obtained . Were first transferred birds-eye television pictures from other planet , deliberate on landers density, pressure , atmospheric temperature , amount of water vapor carried nephelometric measurement maculate particles , beat the sparkle in different separate of the spectrum . For measuring the characteristics of the dent in addition to gamma-ray spectrometer was employ radiation densimeter . soppy satellites have provided television images of the cloud layer , the temperature dissemination on the cloud top , the spectra of the night flicker of the planet , conduct research hydrogen corona , multiplex radio sound of the atmosphere and ionosphere , the measurement of magnetic palm and germ plasm circumplanetary . practically precaution is attracted thunderstorms and lightning perception in the layer of clouds on the planet. These optical measurements have shown that the cogency characteristics of Venusian lightning 25 times great than Earths lightning parameters .\n'

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