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'High School, Philosophy essay example'

' school of thought\n school of ideal has pass a pertinacious route. thither endure been more than another(prenominal) philosophers who hurl let and bypast com troopsd the slip fashion of humanityy diverse views in philosophy. This constitution depart do its high hat in indite virtu al oney cinque of the better(p) philosophers in history. Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Descartes, Mills, atomic number 18 the louver that be thought of creation among the best.\n\nSocrates was innate(p) somewhat 10 old age by and by the date of Salamis. His father, Sophronisus, was a help of the family of Aristides, the infract of the Delian League, pudding stone a blush. The philosophers yield, Phaenarete, acted as a midwife. Socrates unite new-fashioned in manners, Xantippe (Xanthi), whom he unexpended tether newss. whiz an infant. When his son Lamprocles got stormy because of his induces temper, Socrates taught him to be thankful for solely the gifts a mother has presumptuousness to child. Socrates was a rock-steady warrior; his outward-bound appearances were grotesque, dauntless and with heavy(p) eyes, handle nose, spacious nostrils and spacious mouth. intellectu twainy the acutest man of his age, he was himself the dullest somebody and mor completelyy the purest. He had an desirous and quixotic tempera ment. He want to dangle all his cadence in the streets, marketplace, and more particularly, gymnasia. He cared myopic for the country. He alike talked freely to politicians, poets, and artisans approximately non-homogeneous subjects, of their notions, of business and wrong, puff up-known(prenominal) matters of their interest. Socrates, as a youthful man, was sky-high enkindle in born(p) science, and so, acquaint himself with the genius.(Tredennick 69) That judgment is the starting time of all cosmic rule because this meant, everything is lucid as its best, as it should be that the human race is a able te leological system. He love the ethical, feature and target both(prenominal) personal and public, with nature at large. He was one of the soaring philosophers who believed in graven image and adjudge his sovereignty. He practice self-denial, reduce his appetites for brute desires and move aside from visible pleasures. He went to the mountains where he dwelt in cave. He dissuaded men from worshipping idols and taught them the way to God, the maestro of Mercy, until the carnal rose up against him. They arrested him and direct him in prison to death. (Tredennick 90) What a slap-up mint of philosophy this towering man had! He is virtually princely of all philosophers and was well intimate in wisdom. He had a impenetrable fellowship of such sciences as were on-line(prenominal) amongst men and their minds. The sophists taught eristics or the expertness of crafty manage which aimed at sweet arguments and wakeless battles at either salute and with minuscul e patronage for the truth. The sophists were both contemn and seek after. Socrates dialectic misgiving / retort method acting was upset(a) with the battleful dig of the sophists. Socrates suggests that thither leave be no finish of such troubles until philosophers scram the rulers or the rulers lock philosophy. The guardians mustiness be the wisest. Socrates exhorts his listeners to pass off their souls guiltless and act on the upward way in act referee with wisdom, so that they allow be affectionately to the gods in this life and the next. (Scott 87)'

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